Link between Ndola, Zambia and Guys and St Thomas Hospital, UK

This summer a programme of visits is planned to support the International Citizens Programme in Ndola. The project areas at Ndola Central Hospital are: Biomedical engineering, Patient safety, Women’s health, and IT infrastructure. The project areas at the Arthur Davison Children’s hospital are similar but include paediatric specialties and nursing.

In September the Chief Nursing Officer from the Arthur Davison Children’s hospital will be in the UK to develop curricula for training programmes in general paediatric nursing, and a development plan for a haematology clinical nurse specialist.

This is part of the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance initiative.

Does anyone know if these hospitals have a librarian or resource centre?

Jean Shaw, Partnerships in Health Information.


About jgreigshaw

I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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3 Responses to Link between Ndola, Zambia and Guys and St Thomas Hospital, UK

  1. Mieke says:

    Hello Jean, I am a library technician and I work with a Canadian organization ( that has 2 homes for children affected by HIV in Ndola, Zambia, Presently I am collecting and organizing books to be shipped over for a library at Grace Academy the larger home and school. Our teams make regular visits to Ndola Central and ADH and I am certain that neither hospitals have librarians or resource centres. I visited Ndola Central in Feb 2011 with 2 physicians and we were asked to send medical books for the staff because there is a great need for these resources .

  2. susan Tukamone Ayvaliklis says:

    Iam a Registered Midwife, based in Ndola Zambia and wish 2 train as a Paediatric Nurse.
    May I know when the school will open and how do I become a student.
    Thank you.

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