Zambia: Lusaka Schools of Nursing, University Teaching Hospital

Please Note: If you want more information about the School of Nursing, write or phone the School in Lusaka. We, on this blog cannot answer your questions.

When I asked Edward Phiri how things were in his library he told me that there have been many improvements see below. JS:

  1. “We have already moved to the new library building. We have modified the old library building into a bigger computer lab with about 21 computers from the Smart Care Project. I am glad that this has finally happened. I have just participated in a workshop for Smart-Care Training of Trainers in our new computer lab.
  2. We have actually installed the Library alarm system and have put bar-codes on all the new books.I have proposed for the CCTV Camera system to re-enforce our securty. The new library building is secured with grill doors and bar-glar bars. Books are now safe.
  3. We received the e-granary and its to be installed in two weeks time and will be available on the School of Nursing Local Area Network (LAN)
  4. E-granary will be available in the Library  in two weeks time when installation is done.
  5. I received some training on how to use e-Granary and stand ready to train students -We also have another e-resource called HINARI with vast amounts of nursing journals, to which we registred as Schools of Nursing Library. I normally train students in Basic computer skills, Internet searches as well as HINARI.
  6. I have internet access in the library. Students are also able to access wireless network in the library using personal laptops.
  7. Having additional staff would really help in giving students ample time and maximum access to the library. I have already proposed for it. I have offered to be oppening on saturdays. This is really helping students as they are now able to study on a day when there are no classes. Additional staff in the library will enable sharing of shifts thereby allowing students to have maximum access to the library.

Truly E-Granary is a great resource and medical students have access to it, where it is installed in the Medical Library itself.  We will have our own to be soon installed in the library.

It is always a pleasure answering to queries pertaining to the Lusaka Schools of Nursing Library at the University Teaching Hospital. Its an opportunity to share views on how we can best deliver our services to the benefit of our core-business of training the important human resource (nurses). The success of this program will surely depend partly on the quality Library service.”

Edward Phiri, Librarian, Lusaka Schools of Nursing, UTH


About jgreigshaw

I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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10 Responses to Zambia: Lusaka Schools of Nursing, University Teaching Hospital

  1. sichalwe sam says:

    Hw abt extending the network to the hostels?

  2. susana ngosa says:

    want to enrol as a nurse for 2014 intake

  3. suziemwanza says:

    I would like to thank you for that special project to UTH. I am proud to say I was trained as an RTON years ago (1997-1998) at UTH, and I know how difficult it was to find current knowledge about nursing practice. However, the knowledge, experience and the skills that I acquired can never be taken back. I graduated with honours and an award for the best theatre nurse student in Zambia (1998).

    The potential to be a good nurse depends on having updated and current nursing knowledge. I am practicing and studying in Edinburgh, Scotland and I have lived here for twelve years now.

    Certainly, this is great progress for Zambia’s Nurses and urge them to utilise the facilities in order improve their nursing knowledge and understanding of the profession. Good nursing practice is dependent on the possession of current knowledge and skills on your fingertips in order to be a safe nursing practitioner. The nursing profession is constantly evolving and diverse. It is growth rewarding both personally and professionally and the sky is the limit as said by wise people.

    Currently, I am studying by distance learning at Masters level in Advanced Nursing Practice, and intend to go full time this year, into university for Global Health System course to graduate in Masters degree. I would like to one day come back to Zambia and give a motivation speech to nursing students at UTH.
    Good luck.

    Gladys Kuminyanga Somanje.

  4. jgreigshaw says:

    Sorry we aren’t able to help you with this. You could try Googling Nursing schools.

  5. Hello Edward,
    You are doing a great job for providing an interactive page. I have two quick comments.
    I propose that the person who is asking for technical support to start a school of nursing, could have been assisted by asking if there were any tutors that could provide such services and then they give their quotation for doing such a job.
    Secondly, I thought a picture of student nurses in their nursing uniform would make more sense on this welcome page. The current picture does not identify with nursing students in this great institution.

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