African Development Bank launches eHealth Award

The International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) is pleased to announce that the African Development Bank (AfDB) launched a competition for innovative and sustainable information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for the health sector in Africa.

Initiated by the AfDB’s Human Development Department, the eHealth Award aims to discover current work being done in the fields of eHealth and mHealth in Africa, to encourage the production and sharing of knowledge on eHealth solutions, and provide added value through the sharing of lessons learnt in eHealth and mHealth.

The award targets a range of participants, including individuals, NGOs, development organizations, companies, academic institutions and research facilities. The criteria and focus of the award are centered on

a)    using ICT to increase access to health services, particularly for the poor and marginalized,

b)    using ICT to increase the utilization of essential health services and/or

c)    the evaluation of eHealth solutions to improve efficiency in the delivery of health services.

The deadline for submissions from participants is 30 May 2012. Submissions should be an abstract of 500 words from their projects, after which the shortlisted candidates will need to produce an evaluation report. The winning projects will be presented in an AfDB publication and winners will be given a prize.

For more information, see:


Chipo Msengezi              ITOCA

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