“Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it?”

Melissa Terras, a librarian, put all her research publications on to the University College London’s Open Access Repository. She then wrote blog post about each research project (the stories behind the research which doesn’t get into the published paper) – and tweeted the papers for download to see if this would affect how much her research was read, known, discussed and distributed. The effect as measured by downloads was considerable –see her blog for a diagram showing the results.

This one example would seem to show that placing your papers in an institutional repository can make a difference to the impact it has (as measured by downloads) by using social networking software. And, yes, it is worth it!

Jean Shaw, Phi


About jgreigshaw

I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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