A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships

“Practical experience with North-South collaborations has shown that the more ambitious the goal and the closer the form of cooperation, the more important it is for all parties involved to reach mutual agreement on the meaning and the purpose of their work”

This guide is for researchers, policy makers, and organizations intending to form international partnerships for research. It starts with “Set the agenda together” and ends with “Apply results”. It then asks 7 questions, starting with “Why work in partnership”.

Without the preliminary work and agreement between international partners, misunderstandings can arise. This guide, available for download (641 kB), is designed to avoid such misunderstandings occurring.

Publisher: The Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries ⓒ 2012

Jean Shaw, Phi


About jgreigshaw

I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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2 Responses to A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships

  1. Just learnt about TALC today and am so excited because it is good for the improvement of maternal and child health in Africa.I am interested in receiving current information on cervical cancer screening with VIAC as well as management of common complication of labour and neonatal resuscitation.

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