Enhancing the Visibility and Accessibility of Research: Demystifying and Promoting Open Access at the University of Nairobi

In the article, Agatha Kabagu, Deputy University Librarian (Planning), University of Nairobi Library and Country Coordinator of INASP’s PERii Programme discusses strategic planning, capacity building and collaboration at a national level, all of which proved essential elements in getting the Open Access policy in place. “The Library’s efforts have continued to bear fruit”, she explains, “The university’s management has recognized open access as a means to advance research, and enhance the visibility of what the university itself produces. At national level other institutions have intensified their own efforts to promote open access.” As she goes onto explain, it’s not just one university which stands to benefit: “The Library is committed to continue with the role of providing leadership in this area not only for the University of Nairobi but also for the entire academic community in Kenya.”

Document Enhancing the visibility and accessibility of research (254kb)

Agatha’s article forms part of a forthcoming ACU and INASP publication exploring how university libraries across the region are enabling their institutions to strengthen research and teaching and ensure excellence in what they do.

Chipo Msengezi

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