Map of mHealth initiatives

This is a useful and *free resource if you want to find out what mHealth initiatives are taking place in different countries and who is involved.

If, for instance, you select “mHealth” in the first box on the left, a new box will appear which allows you to choose the “category” e.g. diagnosis, treatment, health worker education etc.  This can be further narrowed down by country. New initiatives are being added all the time. * You will be asked to register if you want to use it frequently.

Try it out!

Jean Shaw, Phi.   Thanks to Neil Pakenham-Walshe (HIFA 2015) for this information


About jgreigshaw

I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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