Health Information Resources

Some health information resources gathered from HIFA 2015 by Indi Munasinghe of Phi. My thanks to both.

Official Journal of the I international Aids Society
A useful resource covering issues, treatment, diagnosis etc on AIDS/HIV.
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Immunology, Virology, Infectious Diseases

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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health
A parliamentary group which endeavours to connect parliamentarians and policy makers with academics and civil society groups to improve global health.
Keywords: Global health, Empowerment, Decision making, Health improvement,  Health inequalities
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Bioline International
A not for profit publication which gives open access to scholarly research journals  published in developing countries.
Keywords: Research, Health care, Developing countries. Peer review
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Tackling health workforce challenges to universal health coverage: setting targets and measuring progress
The article covers the eight Millennium Development Goals with focus on poverty, maternal and child health, gender equality, primary education and disease control.
Keywords: Poverty, Health inequalities, Education, Inequalities, Disease control.
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Africa Health: Patient Centred Healthcare
A journal covering relevant and practical issues relating to healthcare in Africa.
Keywords: Public health, Inequalities, Empowerment, Patient involvement, Health information
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Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of lay health worker programmes to improve access to maternal and child health: qualitative evidence synthesis
Issues relating to the sustainability and success of the training programs for Lay Health Workers as they provide care for a range of issues such as maternal and child health.  This is an  effectiveness study carried out alongside the Cochrane review on the effectiveness of  training lay health workers for maternal and child health.
Keywords:  Evidence based practice, Maternal and child health, Effectiveness, Training, Cochrane collaboration
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I’ve got nothing to lose by trying it
An informative resource on the web, by patients for patients giving information on  the adverse effects on health, the financial drain and long term damage of  using untested cures.
Keywords: Health information, Untested cures, Clinical trials, Long term illnesses, Medication, Treatment, Adverse effects,  Costs
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Handicap International
An E-bulletin by Source which covers the impact of management and effective use  and impact of information to deliver healthcare to the handicapped and disabled.
Keywords: Disability,  Information delivery, Children, Maternal health, Sexual health, Education,  Violence, Mental health
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Poor Health in Rich Countries: A Role for Open Access Journals
A  open access journal covering the health of poor people in wealthy countries such as the  and USA.
Keywords: Global health, Inequalities, Lower income groups, Developed countries, Quality of health care
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Chipo Msengezi           ITOCA

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