Unsung Heroes, Stories from the Library – New Publication from Research4Life Partners

Booklet_Thumbnail-e1399992402781Research4Life’s global testimonies from librarians in developing countries highlight the important role they have in building institutional capacities and aiding in vital research

From information literacy training to building infrastructure and outreach, librarians are critical to building a healthy research culture in the developing world and they are often the “unsung heroes” in the research ecosystem. For this reason, Research4Life has commissioned a special booklet, “Unsung Heroes, Stories from the Library” – narratives from individuals around the world who have in reality become the unsung heroes of research in their institutions.

Every day, these librarians train, assist and empower faculty, students, doctors, and staff  in accessing and using vital information available through Research4Life and other resources, impacting not just the individuals work, but the extended community around them.

These stories were chosen from a total 45 case studies which were reviewed by a Research4life  judging panel of twelve international librarians and experts in research capacity building. All entries showed a clear pride and dedication of their work in supporting and building the capacities of their institution and nation’s research.

More on the publication and the booklet download link

Chipo Msengezi                                      ITOCA

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