Storytelling – Using bibliotherapy for consumer health information – from EAHIL 2014

Bringing the Library (2.0) closer to the people: storytelling in the theatre, scientific lectures and nice food. An interactive theatre performance with people using SMS to ask questions of the actors. The actors themselves were involved with the different aspects of food provenance and information about it – farmers, butchers, cheese makers, food scientists, and librarians. Finally the audience could participate still further by eating it. A successful way of advertising the library as a source of information. By R. Ciappellioni, A.Benedetti, D. Nucci, A.J.Heymann & L.Fruttini.

Using bibliotherapy to promote consumer health information in a library setting. Creative bibliotherapy and self-help is an effective way of promoting health and can successfully lead to a new sense of consumer empowerment. It has been implemented for patients and the general public in health and public library settings. A bibliotherapy programme for women and children living with HIV/AIDS in a village near Johannesburg, South Africa shows that such a programme can also be beneficial for participants who may suffer from the stigma associated with their condition. By N. Tukhareli

Jean Shaw, Phi.    I am able to forward specific queries to the authors if necessary


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I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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