iPads/ tablets for students – Journal apps – EAHIL 2014

The iPad is the successor to the printed book. The iPad / tablet might be considered as the text book of the future. To test this, iPads were pre-loaded and lent to sample of medical students for 4-5 months. The learning resources loaded were carefully chosen to include: Sobbotta Atlas of Anatomy, Prometheus Learning Cards; Campus and iPublish Central as containers for textbooks; Mediscript and Thieme examen online for examination questions and simulations; and Dropbox and Adobe Reader for annotating notes.

The costs of this experiment were supplemented by donations from Elsevier and Thieme and a number of students had their own tablets or iPads. Examination results may give an indication of how far this experiment has helped students with their studies. By O. Obst.

Many of you have access to HINARI. So what resources (which are free of charge) would you put on to an iPad or tablet for students?

Journal apps: a comparison of 4 journal apps specifically designed for personalized reading (medical) scientific literature. These apps are a way for health professionals to keep up to date; they are also free of charge. The downside is that librarians will have to set them up so that the full text can be obtained for licensed/ subscription journals. Four apps were described in this paper.

BrowZine – covers all academic areas

Docwise – covers medicine/health

Docphin –  covers medicine/ health

Read –  covers medicine/ health but not available for Android users

Remote access, Topic alerts, Table of Contents (TOC) facilities  were amongst the most popular features with health professionals. By G. van den Brekel

See also the Slideshow of whole presentation

Jean Shaw, Phi

I am able to forward specific queries to the authors if necessary


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