Scientific Research in Africa is Gathering Momentum

Thanks to hifa2015 for spotting this article in The Economist.

Here are two extracts.

In health care, more clinical trials are taking place in Africa than before. The vast majority of local laboratories still fail to meet the World Health Organisation’s basic standards, but there are a growing number of exceptions. African biomedical researchers are looking into diseases such as HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and tropical diseases often ignored by big pharmaceutical companies. ” The neglected tropical infections are Africa- specific”, says Tim Meade, an American paediatrician based in Zambia. ” If we don’t find answers here they will remain a mystery”.

…more funding and better internet connectivity are helping. Access to scientific literature offered by public- private partnerships like Research4Life, a UN-led initiative that makes research papers freely available in poor countries, has helped too. A new generation of African politicians with technical training is promoting innovation.

Nigel Palmer                 Phi









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I am a trustee of Partnerships in Health Information. I was librarian of the Health Education Council in London from 1969 to 1972, then librarian of St Mary's Hospital Medical School from 1972 to 2002.
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