Short Report on health information activities in your country – message from the President

Dear Colleagues

Please take a moment to read the simplified guidance below. This is a wonderful opportunity to share an update with your colleagues as all submissions will be posted on AHILA’s website before the Dar es Salaam Congress. No more than 1,000 words are required ( max 1,500) and entries can be accepted in AHILA’s three official languages.

The purpose is to highlight the various health information activities/initiatives that have been taking place in different countries in Africa where there are active members of AHILA.

We know that members of AHILA are professionally active, have networks within country and have great expertise to share. The task is not difficult if you think of it as ‘News from [country name]’ and of the poem below..

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

DRAFT example for Health activity in X

What about our country and its health issues?
Health infrastructure and challenges. Is there an MoH strategy /or not ; any links with MoH? Key health problems are? Health institutions? Medical/nursing schools hospitals with librarians/ libraries. Health education expanding/static.

Raison d’etre. Contribution and role of health librarians? Changing? Expanding? Traditional?

Any key dates

How do we operate formal/informal network? Are we professionally active? If so how? Meetings? Projects? Conferences? Workshops? Training? Are we involved? MEPI? NAML? BookAid? INASP? Phi? Other partnerships? Are we not very active? Or even not active?

Are activities focused? In the Centre? in rural areas? Room space provided by members?

Who ?
Is there a country chapter of AHILA? Is there an informal network? Who is chair? Key committee/leaders ?

In summary a productive time? Need/want to do more …..? if we/this report won the CABI prize we would spend it on…..?

The winning entry will also benefit with prize money 500 GBP which is intended to help local AHILA chapters to grow or to be set up.
There a few more details on AHILA’s website. You will see the request is really a very simple one. Finally be proud of yourselves and your colleagues and what has been achieved. This competition is not looking for anything more complicated than what is outlined above. This structure is indicative not prescriptive. If you have other ideas these are welcome !

All entrants will be rewarded with a flash drive for submitting a report.
Please do not ignore this request as it is important to step forward and engage with those willing to support and fund AHILA activities. For more information you can contact

I would like to thank Phi and CABI for collaborating with AHILA in this initiative

Nasra Gathoni, President, AHILA


Posted by Chipo Msengezi      ITOCA

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