Health Illiteracy Could Be the Death of Us.

This is the title of a recent article in the Guardian.

” Being health literate lies at the heart of better health. It means being able to process basic health information and use it to navigate decisions. Even more simply, it means understanding how to take a pill, read an appointment slip, and follow the signs to x-ray. It means being able to calculate how much morphine to take if you need 5mg and the bottle contains 1mg/ml. Or knowing how much insulin remains in your pen if you have injected 76 units out of 100.”

” When it comes to cancer, health illiteracy joins fear and myth to create a potent brew of misunderstanding “.

Nigel Palmer                                    Phi

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About nigepalphi

I am a trustee of Partnerships in Health Information. I was librarian of the Health Education Council in London from 1969 to 1972, then librarian of St Mary's Hospital Medical School from 1972 to 2002.
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