Effective Global Research – a Discussion / Learning Event 2-4 November

The AURA Programme Consortium and WHO HIFA-Frare pleased to announce:


 An online learning event and facilitated discussion which will take place over three days:

Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th November, 2015

From 12.00/Midday to 15.00 GMT

Sponsored by the UK Government’s Department for International Development.

Overarching Theme  

Researchers of the Future:  21st Century approaches for

effective, global research.

This three day event will explore the following key topics

  • Topic 1. How has research shifted in practice? Experiences from the field from WHO and other institutions and individuals working in a global research context.
  • Topic 2. What does an increased emphasis on holistic approaches mean for research?  Exploring the issues, challenges and successes associated with these approaches.
  • Topic 3. How would a shift in research practice, applied in the social and digital environment, impact on the capabilities of researchers in the future? Applying holistic and analytical approaches, or mixed methodologies, in a digital age.


Event Schedule and Format: 

This event will take place over three days from Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th November, 2015.  It will be hosted on the WHO HIFA-Fr platform.  The online discussion will be simultaneously translated into:  EnglishFrench and Portuguese.

Each day will take the following format:

From 12.00/Midday to 15.00 GMT
Part 1: Panel Discussion:
 (facilitated by an international panel of experts):  this will be livestreamed so that participants can watch the discussion and contribute their thoughts via the platform.

Part 2: Side Discussion:  There will be a reflective session/discussion of the research topic. This will be overseen by international panellists who will respond to participant questions or comments.  Participants can contribute to the side discussion asynchronously or synchronously.

 Target Audience:

This online learning event is free to join and will bring together academics and researchers, from a wide range of disciplines, who are interested in refining their understanding of, holistic and integrated approaches to research in a global context or who are already using these approaches in their work.

This event is aimed at: academics, researchers, policy makers, and knowledge professionals,who are conducting, or using research, to inform policy or practice in order to solve socio-economic problems in society at local, national, regional or international levels.

It will be of particular interest to those who would like explore:

  • The range of research approaches adopted by experts in different fields
  • How to apply approaches adopted by a range of sectors (beyond health) to their specific discipline
  • The importance of adopting a holistic and integrated approach to solving societal problems
  • The benefits of mixing methods, approaches, and disciplines
  • The experiences of experts from different disciplines
  • How research approaches have shifted during the 21stcentury and the implications this has for future research in a global context.


There are no registration fees – to join the event, please book your place through our Researchers of the Future Event on EventBrite  (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/researchers-of-the-future-21st-century-approaches-for-effective-global-research-tickets-18669511010 and await further details which will be provided to you nearer to the event.

 Further information: 

The concept note can be found on http://itoca.org/Researchers_Future_Concept%20Note.pdf


Contact Emma Greengrass, AURA Programme Learning Coordinator at the Institute of Development Studies. Email:  aura@ids.ac.uk

Jean Shaw, Phi.


About jgreigshaw

I work with Partnerships in Health Information which promotes partnership between libraries in Africa and the UK with an emphasis in African leadership. I have visited Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Zambia though Phi has contacts in many more African countries.
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  1. Simeon Lungu says:

    That will be great

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