Out Now: March 2016 issue of IFLA Journal

Volume 42, No.1 (March 2016) is out now.

The IFLA Journal  publishes research, case studies and essays that reflect the broad spectrum of the profession internationally.

Below are the articles in this latest issue:

  • Sharing the data: The information policies of NOAA and EUMETSAT
    Freya R. Yost
  • Open access repositories in India: Characteristics and future potential
    Prerna Singh
  • Open access and the Caribbean academic: An exploratory investigation of the adoption of this medium for publishing among science faculty of The University of the West Indies
    Ingrid Iton and Ardon Iton
  • Faculty members’ perceptions and use of open access journals: Bangladesh perspective
    Nafiz Zaman Shuva and Radia Taisir
  • Effective information service delivery to rural dwellers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Whose job?
    Chimezie P. Uzuegbu
  • Kuwait’s higher education libraries: A descriptive analysis 59
    Asma J. Al-Kanan


Chipo Msengezi, ITOCA

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