INFORMED AND HEALTHY – Theoretical and applied perspectives on the value of information to health care

The University of Makerere’s  Professor Maria Musoke has recently launched her new book Informed and Healthy – Theoretical and applied perspectives on the value of information to health care which is now available from the Elsevier Store, other retailers and in eBook Format – on 70 platform partners, including Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Barnes & Noble NOOK and Kobo.

The book launch was supported by the Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) programme at the University of Winchester, UK in May 2016.

Phi would like to congratulate Prof Musoke, who is a long time partner of Phi and member of AHILA, on this great achievement. More about the book is below.

Informed and Healthy: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on the Value of Information to Health Care focuses on two major issues: the value attributed to information by users and its effect on health care, and secondly, a new model of information behavior in which the value of information drives the various information activities’ unlike many information models which tend to give prominence to information needs.

The book uses rich qualitative data to highlight the health information services in Uganda, and expands the analysis by comparing it to other systems utilized by different countries at diverse levels of development. Topics such as access and use of information, value attribution and effect on health outcomes, and modelling information behavior and its implications on health informatics are discussed in detail.

This book is a valuable resource to health professionals, planners and policy makers, as well as information professionals, academics and researchers interested in health information and its applicability in different environments.

Maria G. N. Musoke holds a PhD in Information Science from the University of Sheffield, UK. She is a Professor of Information Science at the School of Library and Information Science at Makerere University, Uganda, and the first Ugandan woman to become a Professor of Information Science and to hold a PhD in that field.


Chipo Msengezi, ITOCA

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One Response to INFORMED AND HEALTHY – Theoretical and applied perspectives on the value of information to health care

  1. Symphrose Ouma says:

    I wish to Congratulate Prof. Musoke on realizing yet another milestone. I know it meant a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. This congratulatory messages also goes to members of her family who have been very supportive. Congratulations Maria on the Launch of your Book.


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