IMARK: Promoting self-learning for people involved with information management and knowledge sharing.


The Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) is a partnership-based e-learning initiative created in 2001, which aims to improve the capabilities of people involved with information management and knowledge sharing. IMARK is a consortium of 13 members and CTA has been an active member since its creation.

Targeted at information professionals in developing countries, IMARK consists of a suite of free e-learning courses available online, on CD-ROM and as a downloadable package. The e-learning courses are being developed using the latest pedagogical models and methodologies, and provide an interactive environment for self-paced learning.

Each IMARK curriculum is designed through a consultative process with subject matter experts, field practitioners and representatives from the target audience from around the world. Learners, especially in developing countries use IMARK developed courses and trainings to develop skills and knowledge.

Some of the courses include:

  • Scientific and Technical Writing
  • Strategic Approaches to Information
  • Social Media for Development
  • Management of Spatial Information
  • Knowledge Sharing for Development
  • Digital Libraries, Repositories and Documents
  • Networking in Support of Development
  • Building Electronic Communities and Networks

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Chipo Msengezi, ITOCA

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