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  1. nigepalphi says:

    Well done Jean ! A very good start. You have obviously worked very hard.

    Nigel Palmer

  2. Je me réjouir au forum en fin de me perfectionner dans les domaines qui comportent les aspects de la santé en Afrique.

  3. Jo Vallis says:

    Hi Jean, more wonderful stuff from you. I look forward to following your blog.
    Best wishes
    Jo Vallis (THET e-learning project)

  4. Helen Singer says:

    Dear Jean

    I am a librarian who has just started volunteering with TALC and I think your blog is great!
    I have started subscribing but have a question – do you know if it would be possible to set up an RSS feed to be alerted to new posts?
    best wishes
    Helen Singer St Albans Hertfordshire

    • jgreigshaw says:

      I am not very sure about RSS feeds. We would probably have to set one up, but you can achieve the same thing by ‘subscribing’. Put your e-mail address into the box at the bottom of the right hand column and each time there is a new post it will appear in your e-mail.
      Many thanks for your kind comment – if TALC would like to alert us to new things please feel free to e-mail either Nigel nigepal@hotmail.com or me jgreigshaw@gmail.com we are aiming to make this a group blog.

  5. Helen Singer says:

    Dear Jean

    thank you for replying so quickly. I am signed up for the email alerts which are really helpful.
    Will be happy to let you/Nigel know about any new TALC developments. We are working on the 12th e-TALC at the moment and hope to be able to distribute this in the spring.

    best wishes

  6. Matthew Howells says:

    Dear Jean,
    Your initiative seems very interesting. I am working/managing the new Open Knowledge Repository (openknowledge.worldbank.org) at the World Bank and I’d be interested in hearing about your experience of facilitating interoperability/knowledge exchange with repositories in Africa? It is an area we are very keen to investigate.
    Best wishes

  7. Hi Jean, this looks great I’m impressed 🙂

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