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Rural Libraries Contribute to Teenagers’ Health in Uganda

Uganda Community Libraries Association ( UgCLA ) has shared results of its Health, Reading and Computer Training Camps pilot project, which was started with support from the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme ( EIFL-PLIP). UgCLA worked with five rural libraries … Continue reading

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Information literacy, ICTs and the problems in rural areas

The papers at the past three days at the Congress have covered a wide spectrum of subjects reflecting the Congress themes: ICTs and access to information and knowledge. Information seeking behaviours, access to and resources for health information have been … Continue reading

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Book Aid International is 60

Book Aid International celebrates its 60th birthday this year. Look at its website to see Issue 17 of Booklinks ( July 2013 ) now online. It features how Book Aid International is helping to create accessible hospital libraries in rural … Continue reading

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THET in Sierra Leone

In the first of a series of blogs focusing on THET’s ( Tropical Health and Education Trust ) work in Sierra Leone, THET’s Communications Officer, Timur Bekir, visits Kambia District Hospital to document the work of two THET funded health … Continue reading

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Better internet connection for rural areas in Africa?

Now that television companies are increasingly using digital channels, there are parts of the wireless spectrum which are unused. These could potentially provide cheaper and faster internet access to rural and urban areas. This part of the TV spectrum has … Continue reading

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mHealth: new horizons for health through mobile technologies

This is a very interesting publication from WHO – but long and 3.4 Mb to download. It covers the use of mobile technology for professional consultations, health call centres, reminders about medication/ appointments and alerts about epidemics to name but … Continue reading

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Second visit to Uganda by Partnerships in Health Information (Phi )

Further to my recent post on Phi’s visit to the Albert Cook library at Makerere University, Uganda, in November 2011, there are now more details of a planned second visit in July 2012. As part of the three year successful … Continue reading

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Library in a box, Kagera, Tanzania

Book box libraries provide primary schools with accessible, compact and portable libraries and are being used by Book Aid International to support schools in remote areas where books are particularly scarce. Following a successful pilot in Zanzibar in 2010, Book … Continue reading

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Problem solving health information outreach to rural areas in Uganda

Professor Maria Musoke spoke to a meeting of Phi Officers and representatives from Elsevier about the current Elsevier project for information outreach to community members and health workers in different districts of Uganda. A team including doctors and librarians have … Continue reading

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Expanding Internet Access to Village Communities in Zambia

Computer Aid with Macha Works have enabled internet access to communities in several Zambian villages. In the village of Macha it is thriving – they have introduced charges to cover the cost – $800-$1000 per month. Whether it is sustainable … Continue reading

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